WV HomeGrown Rabbitry  !! Temporarily out of buisness!!  

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         What We Believe Is Right. 

Here at WV HomeGrown Rabbitry our kits are handled and inspected from day one to ensure health and quality throughout the most importand stages of growth. Absolutely NO rabbits will be sold befor the age of 8 weeks. This allows for a two week period of them being fully weaned and closely watched to ensure your rabbit will be the absolute best it can be before it comes home with you.

Each rabbit sold will come with a small portion of the pellets they are accustom to eating making it your responsibility to properly transition them to a different brand or protein level with ease. All of our rabbits are fed 18% Hubbard Life Pellets, a variety of fresh greens (fruits, veg. , grass ect.) and Hay.


Occasional exceptions have been made but due to the value of our stock we generally do not allow visitors at our rabbitry. If you feel the need to hand pick your rabbit I will gladly transport a reasonable number to our meeting destination so that you can choose in person.


I  always encourage anyone buying a rabbit from my rabbitry to carefully inspect the animal in person befor any cash is exchanged to be sure you are happy with the sale because as stated below the only return policy we abide by is that your rabbit will always have a home to return to if needed. 


Return Policy.

      Once our rabbits leave our rabbitry they become yours  to do with what you please and most importantly your responsibility, BUT if ever you find yourself unable to care for your rabbit/s you are more than welcome to return them to our care no questions asked, However your money will not be refunded by any means.